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The Turkish Angora Cat

turkish angora cat

This beautiful and outgoing Turkish Angora cat is a national treasure not only officially in their homeland but also here in the USA in homes they share with people.


This is a fine boned athletic cat that is active and playful, making them ideal for an active household with families. This is a low maintenance cat as far as grooming, with a weekly brush to keep the hair removed. They have long hair, although not quite as heavy as some other breeds. The coat is very soft and the breed can be traced as a purebred back to the 16th century.


The Turkish Angora cat all but disappeared into the Persian breed until all long haired cats were called Angoras. They have an assertive nature and although they accept other pets they often rule their households with an iron paw. The characteristics that make the breed special were preserved in a zoo where they caught the eye of American service personnel who brought the white cats to the USA.

 turkish angora

White is popular but they also can be black, red, blue and cream colored. For those not wanting solid colors they can be classic mackerel and spotted tabbies as well as bi-color. A rainbow of colors is only part of the appeal of the breed. This is an elegant breed with an incredible survival instinct. Like the Turkish Anatolian Shepherd dog, the Turkish Angora cat is independent, enjoying being with people but maintaining a strong personality that in some ways never totally relies on people.


turkish angora catThe Turkish Angora doesn’t hunt when everything is provided but still has a strong play drive and will race through the home in a joy for life that we could learn from. They are devoted and expect the same back.


Long legs are balanced with a long fluffy tail and long body. According to the standard of perfection the head holds 40 points while the body is another 35; balance and coat are 10 points each and color is 5. The coat has a sheen to it with tufts on the ears and a variety of eye colors. Like most long haired cats it varies in appearance somewhat with seasonal changes in the coat.


The Turkish Angora cat is more muscular than they initially appear, and athletic enough to entertain you with acrobatics that illustrate they are more than just a pretty cat. They’re medium sized cats with a seemingly inborn sense of self. The natural logs and perches allow them to play and exercise.


This is a breed that is independent and yet loyal, elegant and yet tough. While it might seem to be contrast and opposites it comes together in a beautiful balance of a unique cat with a long history. They are smart and might figure out more than you can imagine but are the kind of cat that makes memories. They become a part of the household and a part of your life to the extent another cat might not ever replace them. It’s a regal breed with a heritage and is far more than just a pretty cat.

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