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Training Kittens

Training kittens and socialization is key to a calm and winning behaviour during shows. This time after and just before weaning is ideal to introduce the kittens to the bit world! They are at the stage where their little minds are eager to explore and learn. Encourage curiosity and teach them to navigate different surfaces. Toys and learning to play is an important part of learning about the world around them.


Give them scratching posts and teach them basic commands. If this is a show kitten that will need to be bathed regularly, introducing this now helps it to be an annoyance rather than an “I’d rather die than go under the water!” cat. Having many people handle the kitten means he will be more relaxed when judges – strangers! – handle him at a show.


Even for pet cats meeting strangers is good. They should learn to tolerate normal noises and become comfortable in a crate. One way to foster this is after weaning feed the kitten in a crate. This helps security – leave the door open but put the food in there. As the kitten gets more comfortable a soft cushion can mean their personal resting area. This can prove an asset if you ever have to evacuate or put the cat in a carrier for any reason.


This is an impressionable time! Kitten training and socialization makes your life easier if you do it right. Work on daily handling of paws, ears and face so it is easier to clip claws give medicines and work with the kitten as needed. Training kittens to get along with friendly dogs and other animals proves useful for their potential owner. This is a basis for their life map!


Happy well trained kittens become calmer, more stable adult cats.

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