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Meet The Siberian Cat

siberian cat

If you like long haired cats with personality consider the Siberian cat where ‘expect the unexpected’ is a normal everyday thing.


As the natural breed and national breed of Russia this is a cat that adapted to 13 time zones, cultural and ethnic differences and yet blends in as it has for at least a thousand years back in history. A relative newcomer to the American audience they were first imported in 1990.


siberian forest catThis is a loyal breed that is extremely athletic. They can climb, jump and navigate things on the shelves without mass destruction but suffice to say anything of value is best kept under protection as it would be with any cats! The Siberian cat can be an inventive problem solver if they want something or want into somewhere.


They have a semi-longhair coat that is denser in the winter than the summer. There is a variety of colors available within the breed. They’re a cat who is apt to meet you at the door and follow you around the house as if taking notes on human behavior.


The points in the standard of perfection are 45 towards the head, 40 for body and 15 for coat and color. A medium sized cat that is strong with great presence and yet alert and friendly. Type is more important than size with roundness a good general impression. They have an “unchallenging” temperament according to the standard. They are available in a wide range of colors as, being a natural cat, selection was based on survival.


The Siberian cat is sometimes advertised as being hypo-allergenic but there are no scientific tests. The breed is high on the list for health and hardiness. They’re good with other pets and children. Intelligent, playful and affectionate they are relatively quiet with a low maintenance coat as far as grooming. They are docile, easy going cats. Males are heavier muscled than females and can run 10-17 pounds.

 siberian cat

They are athletic and jump well due to strong legs and a long powerful back. Survival mode in inhospitable climates made the Siberian a cat that takes little care to be happy. The breed was not pedigreed but rather a cat left to their own devices. During their development in Russia people were not allowed to own pets. Food shortages simply didn’t allow for care and feeding of pets.


siberian catOwing to this survival aspect the Siberian cat had to survive on their own with strength and enough fur and intelligence to find shelter where they could. They had to be fast enough to catch food if they needed to with a tough character. Natural selection, therefore, created the Siberian cat without pedigrees or papers.


Today of course the pedigrees are kept and a more standard look is bred for. They no longer need to survive frigid temperatures on their own and their agile athletic abilities can be used chasing a toy rather than a meal. Many feel this Siberian nature is best as is without crossbreeding to other breeds. While they might be a bit more independent they’re a nice breed for both pet and show.

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