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Ragdoll Cats Will Only Melt Your Heart...

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A large member of the domestic cat family the Ragdoll cats are distinctive. Once you see one of these beautiful cats you won’t forget them!

From a show standpoint the points are split between head (40), body (30) and coat (30). This is a cat that is far more than just a show cat. They are rectangular shaped with a full chest, muscular body, and several colors available with beautiful blue eyes. These are cats that can mature at, for males, up to 30 pounds although 15-20 is more common, with queens slightly smaller.

Ragdoll cats are people orientated cats that are usually gentle, even playing without extending claws. ragdoll catThey will sometimes run to the door to greet you, sleep on the bed with you and follow you when you move around the house. They have a long coat that can be solid, tort, with points, mitteds with white feet and ‘colorpoint.’ The coat is long but doesn’t have a dense undercoat, allowing grooming when they shed as the seasons change.

Unlike some of the more active breeds the Ragdoll is often a floor cat, not interested in climbing to the high point of the room. They are normally well behaved and intelligent to learn what we want of them.


Developed in the 1960s by Ann Baker in California this is a breed that has a history in free roaming cats, with selection points for temperament and traits she wanted. The result is a large cat that is mellow, beautiful and easy to care for with a regular combing all that’s needed to keep them tangle free.

The basic colors are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream and red with point colors or solid, lynx or parti-colored. Although their beautiful colors, coats and eyes capture your attention it’s their attitudes that will capture your heart.  

They are not fighters and as such are apt to be harmed if left outside when ragdoll kittenan aggressive dog betrays the trust of friendship. They love to play and explore their part of the world especially where you are concerned. They will often lie on their backs and when picked up become so relaxed it’s easy to see how they got their name.

While there may be an occasional animal that doesn’t fit this description, they are the exception if raised properly. It is believed a long haired cat was crossed with a Burmese type cat to create the foundation and although some unbelievable statements were made early on the cat remains a beautiful and personable cat that is outstanding as a show cat as well as in the home as a pet.

Eager to please some cats will even fetch and shake on command. Ragdoll cats are mellow cats that are fairly quiet and typically not destructive although they love to play. They typically hunt only for a food bowl or in play for a toy. They are not normally defensive or aggressive.

For many households the Ragdoll is a cat for those who don’t like the more independent cats. Beauty and temperament are a hard combination to beat!

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