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Queening Supplies

If you have a queen expecting a litter soon, you should have a queening supplies and make preparations at least 10-14 days ahead of the due date. Below are the suggested queening supplies you should have:

Delivery box

It could be a laundry basket, or a cardboard box, or a brand new (never used) hooded litter box. Line it with soft blankets. Don’t use anything that the kittens could get tangled in or lost in. That could be small or torn blankets or shredded paper. Prep it so it will give privacy to the queen.

A second box

to put kittens during siblings deliveryThis might be necessary if the queen is moving a lot. It protects the new kittens from being squashed or accidentally suffocated by the queen. This box should be lined with a heating pad. Never put the new kittens directly on the heating pad! This will burn them. The basket should be covered by another 1-2 towels to keep the heat in. Watch the temperature, don’t let it get too hot.

A stack of soft, clean towel

This should be handy to clean the kittens if necessary. A white or light colored towel will show any color of discharge or placenta. Paper towels works well too.


Rectal thermometer to monitor the queen's temperature

Lubricating (petroleum) jelly

For lubricating the rectal thermometer

Household thermometer

To monitor the air temperature in the delivery box and more importantly if you are using the second box to put kittens out of the queens way while she gave birth to the siblings.

Fresh water

For the queen. Queening can be rather thirsty you know.

Sterile hemostats and blunt-end scissors

To cut the umbilical cord if necessary

Alcohol and matches

To sterilize the hemostats and scissors

Heavy sewing thread

Or dental floss, or suture (surgical thread) to tie umbilical cords if necessary

Several pairs of sterile surgical gloves

In case you have to cut the umbilical cord or to move the kittens.

Rubber pediatric bulb syringe

Can be used to clear the kittens’ airways in case the kitten is not breathing after being born.

Surgical antiseptic scrub/iodine

Tube feeder

syringe, bottle and nipple, and kitten milk replacement such as KMR

Gram scale

To weigh newborns


Nail polish

To mark kittens for identification if it so happens the kittens look all the same to you.

High-quality kitten food, yogurt, and/or vanilla ice cream

To offer the queen during and after delivery

Phone number for the emergency vet clinic

and the regular veterinary clinic number.

Books and information

on delivery and care of newborn kittens

Watch or clock

To record times of delivery

Pen and note pad

To mark the arrival time, sex, weight, color, and markings, and if the placenta was expelled.

have your queening supplies ready in the delivery room once you begin to confine your queen.

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