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Introduction To
Queen Care

Let me give you a detail tour of the breeding world.

In cat-fancy, queening means giving birth. The mother cat is called queen or dam and the group of kittens or kitten she gave birth to at that time is called litter.

There are more terms that you need to know to help you further understand what the heck the other breeders are talking about. To be a responsible breeder, you have to equip yourself with knowledge especially regarding th health of your cats. What to watch out for and what to do when problem arises. Observation is very very important to the success of your breeding program and the welfare of your cats.

Becoming a breeder involves a lot of decision making. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is to choose your first brood queen. This is very important because she will be your first experience and if anything were to go wrong, it will impact you as a breeder very deeply. So here's a little guide for you to make that important decision.

queen and kittens

Guide To Buy Your First Breeding Female
For many smaller breeders the female cat is not only a breeding investment but a personal one. Here's a guide to choose your first breeding kitten.

Feline Estrous Cycle
Learn about feline reproductive cycle, also known as the feline estrous cycle. Watch out for your cat's signs if she is in heat so you can prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Managing Fertility
What to do when your female starts calling and you are not ready to breed her? or she is not old enough to bred yet? here are a few tips and tricks managing fertility of your female cat(s).

Feline Pregnancy
Find out whether your cat is expecting and how long feline pregnancy is.

Birthing Supplies and Equipment
Lists of birthing supplies you have to prepare before your cat give birth and why you might need them.

How To Prepare For Labor
What to do and what to expect during cat labor. A little knowledge may help you a long way!

Mastitis And Related Problems
If you breastfeed your children then you might be familiar with mastitis. It is an infection caused by an overproduction of milk. Read more for how it can be overcome and other related problems.

Pyometra In Females
A female cat who comes in heat but is not bred are at risk from pyometra. What is it and how you can prevent it.

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