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Overweight Cats -
Prevent Your Cats From Obesity

"Even overweight cats instinctively know the cardinal rule: when fat, arrange yourself in slim poses." - John Weitz

With a range of formulas to help overweight cats lose weight it is no secret that obesity is a problem for people and cats alike. Like people cats can get indifferent. They don’t want to move when they can eat and hang out.

The one thing that motivates most cats is food. Use this! An animal is considered obese when 10-15% over the ideal weight. For cats it depends on which breed and sex. 

  • A large full grown male Maine Coon can easily weigh 18 pounds no problem at all. 
  • On the other hand, a 10 pound small female Singapura may be obese. 

This is enough to shorten your cat’s life, cause reproductive issues and affect the cat’s long term health. 

  • Looking at your pet you should be able to feel but not see ribs. 
  • From a profile a waistline should be seen – fat in the abdomen is another sign of obesity.
  • If your cat is not overeating and gains weight have tests done to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical issue. 

Obesity can lead to heart problems, heat intolerance, diabetes and a range of other issues that means a life lost far too soon. Reducing the cat’s weight means not only cutting the food but increasing the cat’s exercise.

fat cat

Unlike dogs or horses it’s not a matter of “let’s go for a walk (or ride)”. But overweight cats do have that food motivation so use it.
  • Hide the food around the enclosure…
  • some on the floor, 
  • other bites on the upper levels 
  • make the cat seek the food and navigate those different levels set up in their enclosure. 
  • Some overweight cats can be ‘motivated’ to play with a small soda bottle with a little kibble in it, batting it around to try to get the food out.

If your cat has a favorite toy or game use that. Some cats love to chase a string or play with a feathered toy on a stick. 

  • Have toys to play with and if necessary play with them for 5-10 minutes per day. 
  • Keep small toy balls in the enclosure or catnip toys suspended from the ceiling that they can play with.

This not only breaks the boredom that can come from confinement, resulting in a happier cat but also a healthier cat as the weight comes off.

Restricting feed intake means watching closely what your pet eats.
  • The snacks add up and the sitting at the food dish does also. 
  • Give the cat a certain amount of time to eat, spread the food around so he “hunts” for it and increase his activity level with something that motivates him.
Of course if a cat is too thin some of this doesn’t apply but it still keeps the cat busy to hide food in several places. Instead of curling in a ball for 18 hours he’s playing with one. It’s good for his weight and mind to be active and the term “fat cat” need never apply if prevention is done to keep the cat on a good feed program. Prevention is always better than fixing! Keeping your cats in good condition is the best gift you can give them for their long term health.

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