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Outdoor Enclosure : So Your Cats Can Experience Nature

Does your cats need outdoor enclosure? Cats are natural outdoor items but we worry about them being outside. They’re vulnerable to dogs, cars, toxins and a range of other harmful things. We don’t dare let our show or breeding cats outside.

At the same time it’s easy to think of the good things they miss. 

  • The outdoor cats snooze in the sunshine, 
  • scratch their claws on a log without getting ‘in trouble’ and 
  • entertain their minds and bodies with chasing leaves in the breeze. 
  • Is there an alternative?

white cat

Yes there is! Outdoor enclosure keep your cat safe while allowing her to go outside. This can especially be good for males as they can have more room than a smaller room inside.

For example, a 10 foot by 16 foot room can be set up for several queens to share a room outside, an enclosed walkway runs from the window of the house or cattery to the enclosure or it sits just outside a cat door. With six feet high poultry netting it is tight at the top and bottom so cats are secure.

Some suggest burying wire to keep cats from digging under while others find that unnecessary. A woven wire or mesh top keeps the cats inside their enclosure, safe from the streets and dangers of the city or rural life.
  • Inside the outdoor enclosure shelves and steps create a multi-level area for cats to lounge. 
  • A specially built cat house with a porch, raised 12 inches off the ground gives plenty of places for cats to find shade as well as in inclement weather get into a warm dry place. 
  • The increased ventilation does wonders for cats respiratory as they aren’t breathing inside, stale and damp air.

Other things you can put in the enclosure include a center brace post made of a real tree limb. 

  • A 4-6 inch in diameter log is the ideal natural scratching post for cats that they don’t get chastised for using. 
  • Feeding and watering cats is easy as bowls can be left under the house if it’s raised up, keeping it out of the rain if a cloud blows in. 
  • A walk in door allows people to go in with the cats and a small reading or lounge area can benefit owner and cats!

Some cats are initially fearful if they haven’t been outside before but once secure in their enclosure they often play and climb to the shelves to curl up for an afternoon snooze. Other cats initially resent being confined and some will climb up high thinking they can get out. The mesh on the top is key to keeping these cats securely in the pen!

Cats are natural outdoor lovers but are often not equipped to live in our modern towns and cities. Far too many are killed by cars as they cross the road and it is heartbreaking to lose a pet but even more so a pet that was a show and breeding animal with a great deal of time invested in her.

Cat enclosures prevent this kind of loss and can be a great way to keep your cats safe and still allow them a natural environment.

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