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The Giant,
The Majestic Maine Coon Cat

maine coon cat

Popular and beautiful, the Maine Coon cat can steal your heart with a look. While there are several dog, horse and even livestock breeds that are American the cat breeds with American roots are much less numerous! The Maine Coon is an exception, with a longer coat and a natural selection view developed in Maine for barn cats.

This is a cat that likes people and is good tempered as well as intelligent. A variety of colors are found with an easy going nature befitting a farm cat. They’re good with children and dogs and, of course, as a walking pest control not as hospitable to the mice and rats of early America. 

This video shows how smart a Maine Coon can be (and how large, being able to reach the door handle!)

Today’s standard of perfection is more particular than survival. The head and the body are 30 points each, with coat 20 points, color 15 and balance 5. A solid working cat they should show good proportions and a friendly temperament. A smooth shaggy coat befits enduring a harsh climate. Medium to large in size they should be muscular and not too light in bone so as to sacrifice substance.

silver maine coonSolid colors, tabby patterns bi-color, parti-color, parti-color and white, shaded and smoke with or without white are allowed unless showing evidence of crossbreeding. The tufted ears led some early Americans to believe cats that came from other countries had bred with American bobcats or even raccoons. It was a distinctive cat unlike the Persian or other long established cat breeds.

A Maine Coon cat do well in both active households as well as quieter ones. This is a larger breed where 18 pound males are not unusual. It isn’t unheard of to have a 20-25 pound male. The tufts on their ears and furry feet along with a long bushy tail are key indicators you’re looking at a Maine Coon cat. Grooming a couple of times per week helps the coat remain tangle free and reduces shedding. Of course low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance – they do need regular brushing to look and feel their best.

Their unusual ‘chirping’ noise along with soft cat voices are just as charming! A healthy cat is important whether you’re breeding, showing or just a pet for a goal with your Maine Coon.

The very structure of a Maine Coon is that of a functional cat able to survive in cold winters, drinking from puddles and excellent sight and hearing senses in order to find a live meal. They can be slow maturing and tend to be heavier boned than the dainty cats developed for indoors. 

Watch this video showing a Maine Coon being fascinated with his first snow.

And this one shows how they love playing with water!

This breed can take on several functions in modern households from show to inside pest control to inexpensive entertainment! They play throughout their live and are quiet cats. Many prefer to hang out with you rather than be fussed over, and often prefer chasing things on the ground rather than climbing up after something they want. And they can play fetch too! watch the following video!

Their somewhat independent nature is due to their natural selection past, but they can be a great “buddy” cat for those not wanting a demanding cat. Beauty and function in one all American cat – this is the Maine Coon!

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