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Kitten Parasite Control

Kitten parasite issues are another problem to deal with. Vaccinations are not the only measure for health care needed for kittens. Fleas can get on kittens too young for many treatments. An oral medicine available from your veterinarian can easily take care of parasite issues but do use caution. Because some medicines are for dogs they can cause fatalities for cats. Like the vaccinations, some individuals are more sensitive than others and can have reactions to medications.


Most people are familiar with heartworms in dogs but don’t realize that cats can get heartworms too. The south is particularly bad for heartworm and although it is less common in cats it is more serious when they do get it. Once cats get it there is often no treatment that works. There are often no signs until the cat dies.


Kittens tend to in many ways “absorb” their environment. They explore, they mouth things, they play and they are totally innocent of the danger that can come from roundworms, tapeworms, fleas and other parasites.


Some people adopt a homeopathic or “natural” parasite control, with many citing diatomaceous earth as a product that takes care of both internal and external parasites. If using this try to keep the kitten from breathing the dust, which can cause some irritation.


Whatever system you use, have a plan! Planning the breeding, tending to the birth, getting beautiful live kittens only to lose them to parasites is a waste of time and money as well as the life of the kittens. This is a small expense but a lifetime investment!

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