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The Himalayan Cat

himalayan tortie point

The Himalayan cat is another breed that traces to the elegant Persian but with their own distinct version of the breed – that of the beautiful pattern and blue eyes of the Siamese. The mid 1900s breeding for a colorpoint Persian type cat was begun in earnest. Initially the points were seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. Later flame point, tortie point, blue cream, cream, chocolate and lilac selfs (solid colors), lynx points and chocolate tortie were added.


A popular breed on their own the silky long hair of the Persian was wanted with the colors of the Siamese. They are a people orientated cat that are ‘busy’ but not hyper. They enjoy attention and being fussed over. Regular grooming is important to keep the coat from matting. Daily grooming includes attention to the hair on the belly and inside the legs that often is missed.

himalayan cat seal point 

The Himalayan can be a one person cat, with a strong preference for one individual while tolerating others in the family. They are normally outgoing and playful with a little more “attitude” or ‘opinion’ than a Persian. They are normally friendly with other animals and children but it is a commitment to take on a cat that can take daily brushing.


The Himalayan cat is typically a gentle, sweet natured cat and thrive on attention. They love attention and being with people.  The blue eyes are part of their standard. As a part of the Persian breed they should be refined and balanced.

 himalayan cat

The standard includes 30 points on the head, 20 each for body and color, 10 each for coat and eye color and 5 each for balance and refinement. The Himalayan can be influenced by the point color. For example, the blue point has a bluish white body while the seal point has a more pale to cream colored shade to the coat. No matter what color however the eyes should be a deep vivid blue.


Depth of body and heavy bone is needed for the cat. Good muscle is needed to insure that this isn’t just a fat fuzzy cat but rather one that is able to use their athletic abilities. Some Himalayans may take a while to settle in but love a secure, serene home with people. They are docile, laid back cats that are much more a ‘couch cat’ than some other breeds.

 himalayan kittens

They are a cat for dedicated owners who are committed to daily care beyond just feeding and putting water down. Potential health issues affecting Himalayans include urological syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, corneal sequestrum and stenotic nares and it pays to know the signs of these health issues.


While the Himalayan may be a part of the Persian family they are a distinct cat in their own right. This can be a great cat for the right home – can it be yours?

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