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Adorable Exotic Cat

red exotic kitten

The scrunched up face of the Exotic cat is just so adorable. Many people admire the beauty of the Persian but don’t like “all that hair” when it’s in their home. As beautiful as it is on a groomed Persian it’s decidedly less so on the sofa and in the air of your home. For these people look at the Exotic! Less coat, more cat.


These cats are a Persian for those who don’t like grooming. The Exotic breed has a thick, short, plush coat that takes far less grooming and gives them a “teddy bear” look. The lack of the long hair means far less time spent grooming and more time enjoying their temperament which is nearly identical.

 blue exotic kitten

The Exotic cat is a gentle cat with an endearing personality. They’re quiet and are very affectionate but more apt to sit and stare for attention than demand it by jumping on your book as other cats might!  The Exotic is easy going with an intense stare that demands without being pushy. Some will “hug” back when you hug them and they’re less apt to curl up under the covers, instead seeking a cooler place to sleep.


They enjoy being with you but often it’s a manner of following you from room to room as if observing. They’ll play, jump and chase a toy on a stickexotic cat picture until exhausted then watch as it’s put on a high shelf as if figuring how to get it down. They can be easily entertained with a wadded up piece of paper or other ordinary item.


Exotics are a slow maturing breed but often start earlier than other breeds. It’s not unusual for Exotic kittens to open their eyes, eat, get out of the box faster than other breeds, but they mature slower. It’s as if they just can’t wait to get out there in the world. They’re normally a peaceful, loving cat.


A wide variety of colors from plain black or white to a chinchilla silver or tabby or tortoiseshell or smoke, this is a breed with a rainbow of colors. The colors account for 20 points of the standard of perfection, the same as the body type. The head carries more points at 30 while the eye color and coat are 10 each and balance and refinement 5 points each. With colors covered over six pages of the standard there is something for everyone!

 exotic kitten picture

This is a heavy boned breed with little dainty about it, but refined enough to appear balanced in all ways. The original vision for the breed was a short haired Persian and initially that meant crossing a Persian with an American Shorthair. The plush coat would not be accepted by shorthair breeders or, alternately, would forever change the breed. Instead of tossing the beautiful cats created they were called Exotic Shorthairs and the plush double coat was preserved. Because the longhair gene is recessive two Exotics could produce a long haired offspring which doesn’t meet the plush coat needed for the standard.


The Exotic cat is a good breed for those who admire the good in the breed and can accept the challenges genetics provide in maintaining the coat in a solid breeding program.


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