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Exercise for the Stud Cat

Other than housing, food and love, exercise is also important to keep your stud cat in good health. All too often it seems the boys in a breeding program get ‘ignored’ until it’s time to breed. In several species it is the mothers who often are credited with the care of the offspring and in many cases rightly so.


This doesn’t mean that a male cat should get attention at breeding time only. Indeed, although cats are loners and sometimes males even more so they still need daily care and conditioning. Unlike horses which can be ridden or dogs which can be put on a treadmill cats are a different story when it comes to exercise. Cats are….well, CATS! They do precious little that they don’t want to do. So how to get these boys muscled up and in shape?


Use their instincts. Create an environment and housing that they exercise as part of the daily routine. Don’t tell them it’s exercise! =)


  • One way of doing this is having a large indoor/outdoor area and in both have different levels...
  • ramps leading to higher shelves and different levels along the wall. 
  • You might have a resting area a couple feet off the ground which is where they snooze. This might be a deck chair or other easily cleaned sitting bench or it might even be a shelf attached to the wall. 
  • Many cats think UP…so in designing your boy’s cage you do the same!

You might put a tree branch that is suspended from one side to another, giving a natural place to scratch and play on. 

  • Have a wide surface with a hole that his bowl fits in about four feet off the ground…when it’s dinner time he’ll get up there. 
  • Hide treats on the different levels and have the water on another “shelf” where he must move or jump to get it.
  • If he’s a cat that likes toys spend time playing with him even if it’s chasing a string or a feathered toy on a cheap fishing pole. This not only gets him running, turning and exercising but it also gives him an outlet for those natural stalking and hunting instincts that he has no other outlet for.


Obviously if your male is injured or ill you will need to alter slightly and have feed and water where he can reach it without exercising. You might need to confine him to just inside for a while.


One would hope that is the exception. A busy active cat is less likely to get bored. He can entertain himself especially if there’s a firmly suspended toy, places within his ‘room’ to explore and occasional company.


Cats are active animals and putting them to simply sleeping on the sofa for 10 hours per day may not be the best for their health. With activity it also stimulates food intake and helps to make overall health. Some of that we see in the coat and condition but some is expressed only in a contented cat that has a balance of snoozing and stalking!

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