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Hi! My name is Siti and I'm a cat lover since I was 7. My journey to catfancy started about 7 years ago, since my beloved one and only cat Lynn crossed the rainbow bridge.

I never knew there was a whole new different world in catfancy til then. And so I researched, get my own pedigree pet, showed him, visited catteries, mingled with breeders, devoured every books I can get my hands on and recently attended the Cat Fanciers Association Clerking School. 

Enough about me, (will write more about me later in my own page) now I want to hear from you!

This site is still fairly new, (there's a lot more pages coming!) so if you have any questions or suggestions, comments or feedback, stories or experience you want to share I'd love to hear it! I want to improve this site to the best of my abilities and knowledge so I can help make your journey to be a full fledged cat fancier much, much easier.

Thanks for taking your time visiting this page. You can contact me via the following form.

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