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Choosing a Kitten

choosing kittens

Choosing a kitten as a member of your household is important and a kitten that comes into your home as a permanent fixture should fit in temperament, activity and health. When you begin breeding you have not only these issues but going beyond it the kitten also needs to be genetically sound, meet the standard and be able to excel as a show and/or breeding animal.


If you are not thoroughly familiar with your selection capabilities don’t hesitate to ask another trusted breeder or mentor for feedback. This is important as so much of breeding comes to selection – and you want to insure that with the expense of quality breeding stock you are truly purchasing animals that are worth the money. When you have a beautiful queen that is also a joy to the household it makes the down side and long hours worth it. Being a breeder is more than just putting a queen in with the male.


Selecting parents with the best match possible gives better chances of top kittens. Once those kittens are born you need to be able to sort and identify what will be a show or breeder prospect and which ones just aren’t quite up to that level but still will be wonderful pets.


Whether you are looking for your first kitten to start showing or you have come up through the ranks to be looking at your first litters of kittens it’s important to have your selection keys in place.


If you are looking for your first kitten have a clear definition of what you want! Going to a breeder and saying “I want to buy a purebred” can generate a much different response than “I’ve been looking at Ragdolls and believe they will be a breed I could enjoy as well as showing and someday breeding. I like the dark colors but am less fond of the tabby coat. This is a foundation for what I hope to be a program.” The latter gives a breeder enough information to suggest a few possibilities from the animals available or, alternately, to pass along to others.


Choosing a kitten can be hard especially If you are sorting your own kittens. The one that captures your heart may not be the best for breeding. Most people breed animals because we love the individuals! For a breeding and show program one must be more objective and choose those that will as closely as possible meet the standard written, which helps towards success on the show table. That less perfect but charming kitten can still remain in the home as a pet and serve as a reminder that even in our imperfections we have value!


Just as with any other kitten you also want to see clear eyes, clean ears and fur and hopefully neither overly shy nor aggressive. Remember when choosing a kitten that some breeds are more outgoing than others.


Have a clear vision of what you want as well as the budget or price in mind. Watch at shows and listen to comments if given so as to train your eye to pick a winner. Talk to fellow breeders and if you find someone in your chosen breed to mentor you treasure it and learn all that you can!

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