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Cats In The Womb

Cats In The Womb is a superb educational video from National Geographic about kittens and lion cubs development from inside their mothers' womb.

The video will show you that mating is a painful process for cats. Since procreating is purely hormonal, female cats are willing to go through all the pain so she can ovulate (and she had to go through mating atleast four to five times to stimulate ovulation!) Otherwise her eggs will be 'trapped' inside her ovaries risking cancerous growth. 

This video is divided into 5 parts, each of which will cover various parts of feline reproductive systems and other additional feline facts, including the big cats, in particular the lions. So watch, and enjoy the show!

Kittens Development In The Womb Video

Click on the links below to see the 5 part videos of kitten development in the womb...

Cats In The Womb (part 2) 
In this second part of the video explains the developing embryo in the womb and the cat's pregnancy stages with each milestones. This video also compares …

Cats In The Womb (part 5) 
The last video shows the end of the fetuses journey to life - being born. You'll learn how letting the mother cat eats the kittens placenta will help her …

Cats In The Womb (part 1) Not rated yet
In this first part of the video, you will learn how mating is a painful process for a female cats and then the epic race of the fittest began (in the womb …

Cats In The Womb (part 3) Not rated yet
After 38 days of gestation, from the 4-D scans kittens appears to practice the skills they'll need in their life to come. They even head-butt with siblings …

Cats In The Womb (part 4) Not rated yet
The fourth part explains how cats purr and lions roar. After 63 days of gestation, the queen is getting ready for labor.

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