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Cat Breeding

Can you make money with cat breeding?

My brother used to ask me "If you love cats so much, why don't you buy a pair and sell their kittens? at least you'll make money doing something you love."

If only it is that easy.

What most people don't know, breeding cats involves more than just buying (or getting) a pair of cats of opposite sexes and then let nature do the rest. Little did they know that nature won't fork out its money to

• Send your cat for a C-section (yes, it happens!) should there be any birth complications

• vaccinate each of your kittens

Spay or neuter your kittens before sending them to future owner

• Marketing and advertising your kittens (otherwise nobody knows you have kittens for sale!)

You see, it's not that simple to raise kittens. But here's the good news. Breeding CAN be a very rewarding experience IF

• You started with the right mindset (e.g you love having kittens)

• You know how to match the right pair to breed (for the best offspring)

• You don't mind spending for your cats

• You are passionate about the breed

• And you can afford it.

Most important of all, before you breed, you must be clear about your intention. Is it just a hobby or is it business?

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A few cats doesn't hurt. But know where you stand in the cat breeding business. Is it a hobby? or business? save yourself troubles from the IRS in the future by being clear about your breeding plans.

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