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What Kind of Cat Food?

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The maze of cat food claims can be confusing. There are more varieties of pet foods in America than people food in some parts of the world, each claiming to be the best. There’s regular ol’ cat food, hairball formula, weight formulas, higher priced special foods and as if the commercial kibble wasn’t enough now the raw food focus the dog world is in is shifting to cats. What’s a cat owner to do?!

There’s the common foods found at grocery stores and feed stores which are inexpensive due to the use of grains. Cats, like dogs, were not developed to thrive on grains but these kibbles keep them in reasonable health. Most people serious about health and production opt to get a ‘higher grade’ cat food, such as Iams, Science Diet or Purina. As if this isn’t confusing enough there’s dry foods, moist diets and canned foods.

Pet food companies use words like ‘balanced’ and complete to market packaged foods, as if foods from nature weren’t balanced and complete for cats over the last many centuries. However, even those using raw diets must do a little research and use the right foods.

For example, if using eggs be sure and cook the whites – raw egg whites can cause a vitamin deficiency. Raw fish and liver should be fed in moderation. Some use milk in a raw diet while others believe milk has no value.

Raw diets have become popular with dog owners but not so much with cats. Lack of studies and experience can be intimidating. That said, it is known that cats need meat to survive. Proteins, taurine and other nutrients are needed and found naturally in meats. When a cat catches and eats a mouse or bird he’s not picky about eating the whole thing save for sometimes the head (one of my cat eats everything head to toe!). Animal fats are important to a cat’s health also.

  • Avoid cooked bones for cats – RAW bones, ground up with meat, they can handle but cooked bones have a tendency to splinter, causing problems.
  • Commercial foods usually have a kitten formula and an adult formula often for several life stages. There are special foods for weight, kidney and urinary issues, allergies and even for senior cats.
  • There is also the prepackaged raw food such as “Primal” or “Wild Kitty” that comes packaged in one ounce ‘nuggets’ for ease of feeding. Some of these are packaged in single serving containers with chicken, duck, turkey and seafood that sound almost like a human restaurant menu. :)
The best food depends on your cat. What works for one breeder and management might not be ideal for another. Research, look at facts and feed for long term health and fertility of your good queens and the boys too!

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