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Fun Cat Facts

During my search on the internet, I found numerous fun cat facts that never fail to surprise me. Some were funny, some were odd, some were unheard of, and some were a wonder.

For instance here are some fun facts you may not know about your kitty:

Cat Whiskers - Cats use their whiskers as a radar to avoid bumping onto unnoticed or unexpected obstacles. If your children becomes experimental behind your back and somehow managed to cut the cat's whiskers, please keep your cat indoor for his own safety.

There is a local myth about how to get a cat to get used to his new home if you've just moved. Older folks used to tell me to cut the cat whiskers and bury it in the backyard of your new home. Your cat will stop roaming, trying to find his way back to his old home. Of course the cat dare not roam around! You've just severed his short distance radar!

Promiscuous Female - If you let your pet breed indiscriminately, chances are, your queen carries a litter with more than one father. That explains why sometimes you see siblings that doesn't look anything like each other.

Snake Hunters - Patience combined with lightning speed can worry a snake sick. These makes the cat an efficient snake hunters. They will tease the snake until the snake is too tired to give a fight (another plus in their resume during the Egyptian times). But NEVER let your cat play with ANY snake! even though they are efficient snake killers, snake bites often kill cats too.

What else? Oh, I don't know, maybe I'll add more when I found out more... Below are the video version of the funny (or weird) things to know about cats and what people do for their cats. Watch, and maybe leave a comment?

My Discoveries of Fun Feline Facts

Below are the links to my discoveries of feline fun, weird, sometimes even funny facts. You are free to comment and tell me what you think on the videos.

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What About YOUR Discoveries?

Have you heard any weird (or fun, or courageous you name it) stories about cats? or found interesting videos? Share it with us here!

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