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Which Cat Breed Is For You?

People often wonder what breed is their cat.

Genetically, there is no such thing as a cat breed. A definition of it depends on specific features such as coat length and body type. Mostly the inherited features are recessive (such as long hair).

So, what breed is your cat? To explain it simply, if your cat is not registered under any cat registries, he is a domestic cat. He can be a domestic short hair (DSH) or a domestic long hair (DLH). And that’s it.

True, he can look like a Siamese , or a Persian , or a Maine Coon , or a Bengal for that matter, but if he is not registered, he is only a domestic short/long hair.

Only if the parents are registered then you can claim him as a pure-bred. You can even register him if he's qualified and you decided to do so.

tortie cat

Let me brief you for a moment about the history of selective breeding. Cat breeds can be classified into two groups. The first one appeared naturally through free-roaming, free-breeding cats, possibly in an isolated feline population. And the second one appeared when breeders get creative with their knowledge of inheritance patterns.

Pure-breeding usually involves some degree of inbreeding and this would reduce the genetic diversity of the cat. Thus it is very important for every breeder to be knowledgeable about the specific features, problems and genetics of the breed.

As an introduction, you can browse around the provided links to your favorite breed. But, from my personal experience, the best way to get to know a certain breed well is to live with them. Decide which breed to fall in love with, and then get that pure-bred pet kitten!

To guide you make your choice, here are the list of the cat breed I have compiled and reviewed, hope it'll help!

Long Haired Cat Breed

persian Persian (also known as Longhair)
Persian cats are lounge lizards. Beautiful, luxurious, they are often obtained as a compliment to the interior design of their homes.

maine coon Maine Coon
Despite having a face that resembled a tiger, or to put it simply: fierce face, combined with their huge size, Maine Coon are gentle cats.

american curl American Curl
American Curl cat will definitely mesmerize you with their uniquely curled back ears. They are a very people oriented breed and just love to be around you.

norwegian forest Norwegian Forest
Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the natural formed breed originating from Norway. This is a beautiful cat developed to survive outside in a harsh environment.

ragdoll Ragdoll
Unlike some of the more active breeds Ragdoll cats are often a floor cat, not interested in climbing to the high point of the room. They will often lie on their backs and when picked up become so relaxed it’s easy to see how they got their name.

somali Somali
The Somali cat can be mischievous and ready for anything at any time. These beautiful fox-like cats are actually the long haired version on the Abyssinian. They thrive on companionship from people, and they are endlessly entertaining in their antics.

balinese Balinese
This is a breed that loves to play and is very people orientated. The Balinese cat wants to be with you no matter what you are doing.

siberian cat Siberian
The Siberian cat is sometimes advertised as being hypo-allergenic but there are no scientific tests. The breed is high on the list for health and hardiness. They’re good with other pets and children. Read on for more.

himalayan Himalayan
Himalayan cat is a breed division of the Persian. While the Himalayan may be a part of the Persian family they are a distinct cat in their own right. This can be a great cat for the right home – can it be yours?

turkish angora Turkish Angora
This beautiful and outgoing Turkish Angora cat is a national treasure not only officially in their homeland but also here in the USA in homes they share with people. Read on...

turkish van Turkish Van
The Turkish Van cat are so well known for their love of water. They are even nicknamed 'the swimming cats' for it's not a rare thing to see them taking a dip in the pond in hot days or swimming in your backyard pool.

Short Haired Cat Breed

abyssinian Abyssinian
Abyssinian cat is a people oriented breed that seems to understand much more than many cats do. Unless eating or sleeping they are often busy – prowling for something to get into or watching their territory.

siamese Siamese
Siamese cats are well known to being chatty that some owners described them as extroverts.

bengal Bengal
Bengal cat breed originated from crossing a domestic cat with Asian Leopard Cat. Sleek and well muscled, if you want a playful, intelligent, wild-looking cat, then this designer cats are for you.

sphynx Sphynx
To many people Sphynx cat look funny and some think they are ugly but they are unusual in more than just appearance.

cornish rex Cornish Rex
The Cornish Rex cat is the cat version of a Whippet or small Greyhound. They love attention and are happy with the family or at home looking for things to get into.

exotic Exotic
These cats are a Persian for those who don’t like grooming. The Exotic cat breed has a thick, short, plush coat that takes far less grooming and gives them a “teddy bear” look.

scottish fold Scottish Fold
The Scottish Fold is a distinctive looking cat that looks unlike any other. Kittens are born with straight ears but at 3-4 weeks often the ears will fold down. The folded ears give an “owl” or “teddy bear” look to the cat’s rounded head.

bombay Bombay
Bombay cat is a highly domestic cat despite appearing like a miniature panther. A good breed for a solid cat loving person with little disruption to the home on a regular basis.

burmese Burmese
The Burmese cat is sometimes seen as doglike in their character with a silky coat that comes in several beautiful colors. Many will retrieve a favorite toy and they’re eager to find an empty lap. These cats are wonderful to have around the home.

russian blue Russian Blue
Once called the “Archangel Cat” the Russian Blue cat is a gentle, friendly cat that loves attention. They give the visual appearance of a blue cat with each hair silver dipped before attaching to the cat. Unlike some breeds with a variety of colors this cat is always blue with short hair and green eyes.

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