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The Burmese Cat

burmese cat

The Burmese cat is sometimes seen as doglike in their character with a silky coat that comes in several beautiful colors. The dilute colors include sale, champagne, blue and platinum and the breed was once called Malayan. The color is only part of the charm of this beautiful breed of cat.


Although sometimes seen as clumsy as kittens once they figure out their athletic prowess this is a cat that plays well into adulthood. They’ll often ‘answer’ their owners when talked to and have a demure voice. No brashness in voice for the Burmese cat, although their nature of being the center of attention might mean they sit on the paper you’re trying to read!


This is a generally adaptable cat, tolerable of dogs, children and even car rides if introduced early as a good thing! They love people and will follow you around the house as if sometimes unsure whether to supervise or help. Many will retrieve a favorite toy and they’re eager to find an empty lap. They have been known to sleep under the covers if allowed and their specialty is being the center of attention. Queens especially can be ‘demanding’ in attention while males are lap cats with only slightly less need to be the focus of your attention.


burmese kittenThis is a cat that lives for domestication. They trust people to take care of them and the survival attitude is for other cats. For this reason they shouldn’t be left unprotected outside. The idea they will fend for themselves can skip members of the breed.


Their silky coat is draped over a solid muscled body – they’re often heavier than they appear. This is a good breed for people who want a cat as a lap warmer and ‘depending’ on you but the other side of that is providing for those needs on your side of the bargain.


This is a good cat for those in a household that “doesn’t like cats” – they’re sometimes described as “dog like” in personality. They are good weight for size and shouldn’t be apathetic or overweight. There are many colors but the CFA recognizes in the standard sable, blue, champagne and platinum.


From a show standpoint the Burmese cat must have a particular look with 30 points divided on head ears and eyes, 30 points on body, legs, tail and feet, 30 points on color and 10 points on coat. Of course there isn’t a perfect cat born yet but breeding towards the stated standard is a goal of show breeders.


Cats that are healthy and don’t meet the show standard can still be wonderful pets. One of the color notes is an absence of shading, barring and markings – for a cat that has it they can be a wonderful pet even though not by the standard for show.


These cats are wonderful to have around the home. They truly like attention and being with people. They can also entertain themselves if need be if people aren’t around. Some breeders recommend a neutered male as the most affectionate in comparison.

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