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The Bombay Cat

The Panther in Your Living Room

bombay cat

With 30 points of the standard given to color, the Bombay cat is black with a round head (25 points) and coat and body (20 points each) that is distinctive. Their eyes are gold to copper colored.


The Bombay allows outcrosses to the black American shorthair and the sable Burmese, but always to maintain an individual color and characteristics unlike either parent breed. This is a medium sized cat that is normally friendly and outgoing. They should be well muscled and weigh a little more than they appear.


Developed in the 1950s by the late Nikki Horner she sought to produce a domestic cat with the appearance of a black panther. Careful selection, outcrossing and inbreeding produced a black cat with the look she was looking for. This is a breed that can sometimes be leash trained and can be creative in finding their own entertainment. They are normally good with other animals and have an easy going nature.


They are similar to the Burmese in many ways with a medium length of body. The head is distinctive and of course the defining color of the coat sets the Bombay cat distinctly different from the Burmese.

bombay cat breed 

They have minimal grooming other than brushing especially during the seasonal shedding. A good diet keeps the coat in good condition and small amounts of hair may be shed just by normal stroking. This breed loves people and is sometimes nervous with disruptions and loud noises. Hide areas help the cat deal with this but keep an eye out for hair loss that can indicate their stress load is too high. They will hide anywhere a predator can’t get to. They normally get along with dogs with an odd understanding of the pack order of dogs, something that may be seen as dominating against their fellow felines.


They love people and are intelligent, curious and agile when investigating new things. This is a breed that will chew through bags to get at food which can get them in trouble. They love attention and are eager lap cats that soak up attention and “fussing over.” They are sensitive and can be reserved to strangers, liking a quiet home life. When content it’s not uncommon to hear them purr across the room but they are otherwise typically quiet cats. Some can be quite talkative but this is a breed that craves being with people.

bombay cat 

Bombay cat highly domestic cat despite appearing like a miniature panther. A “patent leather” shine to the coat is sought after and they observe carefully their environment. Some precocious males can sire kittens as young as five months, long before their adult size of 8-11 pounds.


This is a good breed for a solid cat loving person with little disruption to the home on a regular basis. The Bombay is most content with a lap and retreat places to hide when things get overwhelming. A warm spot to lay – under the covers in cold weather thank you very much – and they’re affection and entertainment beyond what money can buy!

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