Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is a stunning cat for the fancier who likes something just a little different. A leopard appearance in a domestic cat size, this is an active cat that has few issues with heights! They’ll climb to the highest point in the room – better to observe from!

The beautiful coat patterns catch the eye but the Bengal personality highlights this is no ordinary cat. They will often readily get in water and take baths or showers with their owners. Those with pools should make sure there is a way for the cat to safely exit the pool if they get in.

They are indeed descended from the wild very recently, and also from our loving domestic cats. Fact is, they have the best of both worlds.

Intelligent cats that can be taught to walk on a harness and leash, the Bengal is not an ordinary sofa cat. A medium to large breed originating from crossing small Asian Leopard Cats to domestic cats they have a “wild” look that is appealing but before you get a Bengal make sure you are ready for an ACTIVE 10-15 pound animal in your home!

This is a cat to keep away from your fish tank and lock up the breakables! They are as active as they are beautiful and once tired out they will sleep by you. Until then they might chase toys, race around the room, bounce off the bookcases and eagerly play and interact with their owners. This is a fairly new breed that truly needs the right home for both cat and owner to be happy.

The beautiful coat can be a source of disillusionment for a new owner when you look at kittens to pick out. They may not be as colorful and the patterns aren’t clear. Stick with them – the fuzzy look leaves a sleek, bright coat that has a sheen of a healthy cat.

A Bengal can slink across the room and bound onto a shelf with incredible ease. The movement and carriage is something that some breeders are considering more. While dogs and horses movement is a qualifying factor, such is not the case with cats where they are judge simply as is. When form follows function conformation takes care of itself.

To get the desirable pet temperament, it takes at least 3 generationsfrom the original crossing. But the best would be more than 4 generations.

The Bengal that is close to the wild Asian Leopard Cat may have some unusual bathroom habits. Peeing in the sink simulates a creek where water washes then sent away. The creative “not litterbox” habits can be a problem for some.

An important note concerning Bengals in the US is CITES regulations through the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Because the Bengal cat has wild ancestors it is considered a wildlife hybrid, much as a wolf-dog cross is regulated. Shipping can be an issue and it pays to get current information before getting something within five generations of wild. The domestic Bengal (more than 4 generations from wild) is considered a domestic cat but the wild instincts can still be there. The closer to wild they are the bigger the challenge due to natural cat instincts.

The Bengal cat, in short, is a beautiful cat that needs a committed owner willing to do what it takes to insure their health and happiness. Charming and beautiful cats in the right home, they are a little different from “normal cats.” Sleek and well muscled, if you want a playful, intelligent, wild-looking cat, then this designer cats are for you.