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The Lovely Balinese Cat 

balinese cat, GC Sacchidanand Merlin, lilac lynx pt Male, now resides in Capetown , South Africa

The Balinese cat offers the best traits of several breeds combined into a special cat that their owners prize.

This is a breed that according to the standard rewards body (30 points) and color (25 points) but balances with coat and head (20 points each) and eyes (5 points). This is a long, lithe cat that is strong with good muscling under that deceptively dainty coat. 

There shouldn’t be bones or flab showing in a good Balinese cat but the coat can soften lines somewhat. The coat is medium length and fine with a silky but not downy quality. The hairs on the tail may be longer than that on the body, carrying almost a plume saying “look at me!”


balinese cat, Ch Sacchidanand Sweet Harmony, blue lynx pt female now in Chengdu, China, owned by Ivy CiuxiuThis is a cat found in a wide variety of colors from pale fawn to cream in a seal point to a bluish white in a blue point. There are also points – that is face, feet, tail and ears – that are chocolate, lilac, lynx (tabby points), parti color and red. However, CFA only recognize the four traditional colors of the Siamese - seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. Other colors are considered a Javanese.


The fine bones of the Balinese cat combined with the slender physique can highlight the graceful movement of this breed. It is believed a long haired Siamese born in 1928 contributed to the history but it wasn’t until the 1950s that true breeding programs for these characteristics were developed, using those beautiful long haired Siamese to develop the Balinese instead of simply as pets. Thus the initial lines were a ‘mutation’ of purebred Siamese, selected for that beautiful coat rather than the short haired variety.


The voice is similar to the Siamese but often quieter and less insistent about demanding attention. Breeders worked together to insure a stable gene pool and insuring the cats were indeed from Siamese breeding without other influences. In time some breeders wanted to add colorpoint colors, which would take crossbreeding to bring those colors in. This met with resistance and the solution was to add a division within the breed called Javanese.


This is a breed that loves to play and is very people orientated. The Balinese cat wants to be with you no matter what you are doing. They have a single coat close to the body that takes occasional brushing to keep in good condition. This occasional grooming keeps any problems at bay and the coat is less likely to mat as other longer haired coats can.

 javanese cat, GC Sacchidanand Sweet N'Sassy, blue lynx pt Javanese Female, 1st Javanese GC in International Division.

Due to their body type and coat a good diet and exercise is essential. They should feel like steel with a silk glove over it – with firm muscling. Use their natural playfulness to keep their activity level up for conditioning.


This is a regal looking breed with sapphire eyes that can look through you and yet radiate adoration at the same time. He is affectionate like a Siamese but somewhat quieter in ‘talking’. The Balinese is an intelligent cat that inspires the devotion of their owners. If your home can welcome feline royalty it is worth checking the breed closely to see if they are a great match.

***The pictures on this page are courtesy from Linda Galloway, a Javanese Breeder, also a licensed CFA clerk I met recently in CFA show. Her cats are lovelier when you see it with your own eyes. Over the last few years, her Javanese are ranked among the top 10 of their breed within CFA. You can visit her cattery's website at Sacchi-Cats.com

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