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All About Kittens

I am compiling resources on kitten care from birth to twelve weeks, the ideal age for them to be weaned from the mother and graduate to their new homes.

Having kittens might just be your most compelling reason to breed. Sure, they are so much fun but they can also cause you heartbreak because they are indeed, very fragile.


adorable kittens

After surviving pregnancy and birth, you might want to know if your litter is all right, are they normal? how do you detect any problems? their variations, growth charts and what to look out for and how do you observe them. What about fostering and hand rearing? Find what you need to know here by following the links below.

Choosing a Kitten
Choosing a kitten as a member of your household is important and a kitten that comes into your home as a permanent fixture should fit in temperament, activity and health. If you are looking for your first kitten have a clear definition of what you want.

Kitten Development
Kitten development have stages that breeders need to keep in mind to make their kittens the best they can be. Kittens grow incredibly fast but we often forget the basic stages that chart how much kittens learn in the first six weeks.

Caring for Orphan Kittens
Sometimes despite doing everything right things go wrong. Raising orphan kittens can be a difficult, uphill battle but the reward in a healthy kitten that becomes a beautiful cat is beyond the countless hours put in to insure survival.

Fading Kittens Syndrome
Sometimes no matter your best efforts there are kittens that just do not thrive. Read more to know why fading kittens syndrome could happen.

Weaning Kittens
Weaning can be done at around eight weeks. Most of them will nurse as long as the queen stands for it. What you can do should you decide to wean your kittens.

Kitten Nutrition
Proper kitten nutrition is important for healthy, happy adult cats. Whether destined for show or breeding or just a pet, healthy cats come from healthy kittens.

Kitten Parasite Control
Kitten parasite control is another healthcare measure you need to pay attention to.

Kitten Vaccinations
While many breeders are divided about how much and how often kitten vaccinations need to be done, the one sure thing is that no immunity means a sick or sometimes dead kitten.

Training Kittens and Socialization
Training kittens and socialization is key to a calm and winning behaviour during shows. Read on to learn more.

For more info on kitten care for pet owner, you can visit this site:

Kitten Care in Cat Behaviour Explained - Find out all about kitten care! How to choose your kitten, name her, train her, look after her and much more.

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