4 Eared Cat

Have you ever heard about 4 eared cats? Perhaps you have. Or maybe this is the first time you heard about it.

The cat has two extra flaps of 'ears' behind or next the the normal ears thus giving the appearance of four ears. It is believed that this trait is recessive and most of the kittens that inherited both genes died in the womb.

Some of the four eared cats also suffers others congenital defects while others are perfectly normal except for the extra flaps of ears. You might wonder if there is a breeder who would want to develop this trait into a new breed of cat, but it is unethical to do so. Since this trait also carries other unknown genetical defects like dwarfism and underdeveloped brain.

The following is the videos showing normal, healthy 4 eared cats. You can actually see the variation of the extra flaps between each cat.

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