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Cat breeds real fast. Real easy. But that doesn't mean breeding them is easy. Breeding is such a serious endeavor. Did you know that serious breeders have their own 'language'? To describe it even more extremely, they even have 'dialects' in their respective breeds!

You'll be amazed at how far they'll go to please their cats. And you'll find out why not every cat lover has what it takes to venture into breeding.

white cat with odd eyes

There are also plenty of 'unfun' stuff you need to know too. Like the cats overpopulation, the law and the such. But you do need to know these to avoid unnecessary painful troubles later on.

Here you'll decide whether breeding your pet cat is right for you. Or maybe your 'little kitten' is already carrying more little kittens in her tummy before her spaying date!

No worries, you'll find practical advices on pregnant cats and kitten rearing. Plus, top tips to find a good homes for the accidental litter.

For a budding serious breeder, I'm here to be the bridge (or maybe the spaceship!) to ease your transition from a mere cat lover to a serious cat fancier.

You'll learn about breeding practice, demystifying cat genetics, exploring cat shows, and before you know it, you'll be speaking catfancy!

Breeding Cats Blog
The Breeding Cats Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the breeding-cats.com Web site. Subscribe here.
The Truth About Cat Breeding
Important things to know before you think about cat breeding!
Choosing a Cat Breed
A cat breed information for those who wants to choose which breed is right for them.
Caring For Your Queen
Important and basic facts you need to know about your queen (breeding female cat)
All About Kittens
this page is all about kittens for new breeders. Caring for kittens as a responsible breeder is a little bit different than pet owners and potentially heartbreaking. Read here for more info about kitten rearing.
Cats In The Womb
Cats In The Womb are superb educational videos from National Geographic showing kittens and lion cubs development from inside their mother cat/lioness wombs.
Housing a Stud Cat
Housing a stud cat should combine ease of care, feeding and exercise considerations as well as shelter. Read more...
Cattery Design
Is it possible to integrate a cattery into a home for personal attention? The CFA requirement is 30 cubic feet of space for each cat. Learn more about cattery design for efficiency.
Cat Breeding Systems
Any breeding program need to have a sound plan. Learn what is line breeding, outcrossing or crossbreeding, and linecrossing in cat breeding systems.
What Kind of Cat Food?
The maze of pet food claims can be confusing. There’s regular ol’ cat food, hairball formula, weight formulas, higher priced special foods, etc. What’s a cat owner to do?! Read on...
Genetic Health Issues in Cats
Genetic health issues in cats are not as well known as with other species. Knowing these is what separates a responsible breeder and a backyard breeder.
Cat Shows
Cat shows are an opinion of how close an animal is to the standard. This is an introduction to how cat show works.
Anything to Say? Contact Me!
If you wish to tell me anything, feel free to fill out his form. I'd love to hear from you!
Fun Cat Facts
During my search on the internet, I found numerous fun cat facts that never fail to surprise me. Some were funny, some were odd, some were unheard of, and some were a wonder.
Ask a Vet
Ask a Vet is an online service that provides you a 24 hours access to ask any cat related advice from credible Feline Veterinarian and Cat Expert.
Contribute to Cat Breeds
Would you like to share your knowledge about cat breeds? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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